P r o m o  P l a s t i c s

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Nido Spoon
Nido Spoon - PHARM1
Misc Medical
Misc Medical - PHARM2
Misc Medical 2
Misc Medical - PHARM3
Soap Box
Soap Box - PHARM4
Soap Holder
Soap Holder - PHARM5
Tongue Depressors
Tongue Depressors - PHARM6
Octobowl - PHARM7
5 ml Spoon
5 ml Spoon - PHARM8
5 ml Spoons
5 ml Spoons - PHARM9
Pill Counter
Pill Counter - PHARM10
Pill Boxes
Pill Boxes - PHARM11
Medicine Measures
Medicine Measures- PHARM12
Medical Tray 3
Medical Tray - PHARM13
Medical Tray 4
Medical Tray - PHARM14
Tongue depressors
Tongue depressors - PHARM15
10ml spoon
10ml spoon - PHARM16
Nido Spoon
Nido Spoon - PHARM17
Medical Tray
Medical Tray - PHARM18
2 week Pill box
2 week Pill box - PHARM19
3 day pill box
3 day pill box - PHARM20
7 day pill box
7 day pill box- PHARM21
5ml syringe
5ml syringe - PHARM22
Thermometer- PHARM23
75ml medical cup
75ml medical cup- PHARM24
Medical Tray
Medical Tray - PHARM25
Condom Holders
Condom Holders - PHARM26
Condom Holders
Condom Holders- PHARM27
Kidney Bowl
Kidney Bowl - PHARM28
Medical Tray
Medical Tray - PHARM29
Pill counter
Pill counter - PHARM30
Pill Counter
Pill counter - PHARM31
Sample bottle
Sample bottle - PHARM32
Sample bottle
Sample bottle - PHARM33
Urine flask
Urine flask - PHARM34
Volume flask
Volume flask - PHARM35
Formula Dispenser
Formula Dispenser - PHARM36
10ml spoon
10ml spoon - PHARM37
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